Ben and Hannas Trip 2007

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ice Skating at Bryant Park on The Pond

Ben in his skates
Lindsay putting on her skates.
We met up with Simon & Lindsay & had dinner with them then had heaps of fun skating with them.

Us skating with heaps of other people.

Us on the ice with the Christmas Tree in the background.

Ben is a very good ice skater. We were both worried we wouldnt be any good at it but we did well and enjoyed ourselves.

New Years Eve In Central Park

Lots of Fireworks that lasted about 20 minutes.
The New Years run took off at midnight - there were thousands of people running - some in their undies (Way too cold for that).

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Grand Central Terminal
Rockefeller Center

Hanna enjoying an Appletini, J.D. would be proud

The Bow Bridge

Washington Square Park

View from our room

World Trade Centre

Wall Street

Looking back towards New Jersey from Battery Park
View of Manhatten from the Brooklyn Bridge

Ben's letter to Santa

Christmas Day lunch

Horse and carrage ride in Central Park

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas In New York 2009

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Milli Hopper!!!!

Our first pic of little Milli.
She is very cute and we cant wait to give her big cuddles.
2 really cute new additions to our family this year!!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Its a Girl!!!

We are very excited to be coming home to a new little neice.
She was born Yesterday (2/11).
Amelia Jade Hopper arrived into the world 1 week too early for us to be there!
Congratulations to Mina, Drew, Michael and Bri.
We cant wait to meet little Milly!
We love you.
(Spelling may not be right sorry)

The Grand Canyon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday was an awesome day. We jumped on a helicopter and flew over the Grand Canyon!
Our flight time was just over an hour which was awesome for the money we paid. Was very worth every minute.

We even got to sit up the front with the piolet. We had 3 other guys with us so i was the only girl.

And i thought our piolet looked just like Raymond from The Left Behind movies hehehe.

And here it is, another one of the seven wonders of the world!!! The Grand Canyon.

It was an all day adventure but it was one we are going to remember forever. I even got a professional photo of us with the Chopper.

The Chopper was so much fun. We didnt know what to expect. I thought it would look as though it would cover more ground but nope it was just like being in a plane except alot more rockie!


Thats right boys and girls... Thats Cameron Diaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look how close we were to her!
She is the one in the white by the way!
Our first Star and she was just on the street on the other side of the road to the Bellagio.
Photos were not aloud so Ben had 1 shot and if you zoom in its brilliant!
Paris Hilton was also hosting a Halloween night at the Luxor Casino Hotel but we were busy!

Las Vegas!!!!

Viva Las Vegas!!!! We came we saw we did not conquor!!!
The Sphere looking building is where we stayed. The Stratosphere. Funny enough, its the only photo we have of our hotel/casino! We were up one end of the strip so we had alot of walking to do for the first day. The second day we got a 24 hour bus pass that ment we didnt have to walk at all!!!
The Bellagio water show. Was spectacular and i pretended that i was standing in the same spot as Brad Pitt and George Clooney at the end of Oceans 11!
The Bellagio again at night. We watched the water show again. We also watched the volcano errupt at the Mirage which was awesome. They had fire and all!
This is the Excalabour. This is where i originally wanted to stay but Ben chose the Stratosphere. We would have been closer to the action but the Stratosphere was nicer.

And the Strip at night. All up Vegas was ALOT bigger than we thought it would be and very spread out. We were there for Halloween and were quite dissappointed. Our first time being in America and Halloween at the same time we were excited. All the girls dressed like tarts and all the boys loved it.

San Francisco Continued!!!!

Hi everyone! Here is another update on San Francisco.
Above is Lombard Street. It took a very big hill to get here and we were stuffed when we finally got there but it was worth it. Its the worlds most crookedest street!
We took photos from the top then Ben told me it was better from the bottom. So we walked down the hill (Street) took some photos then had to go back up the hill for the second time! It was worth it in the end.

By the end of our time in San Francisco we were professional Cable Cart riders. I have always wanted to do this being a big fan of Full House (the TV show). I never thought i would get to hang off the side. In actual fact, we only got to sit down twice. It was great and a must do!

I have never smelt something as bad as Pier 39.

Stinky smelly Sea Lions. They were everywhere. They were really loud too but i couldnt stay there too long or the dry reaching sensation would have followed through!!!!

Alcatraz!!!! Reminds me of my mum! A great experience and we had heaps of fun. Seeing where some of the most notorious stories come from was amazing!

And this photo was taken in Macys of Union Square!